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Originally Posted by Flanker2 View Post
1. -Toothbrushes can be requested of course. However, previously it was not necessary to request them, they were readily available.
2. -The controllers are being phased out on the B787 fleet. I was on flights in June and July and they were gone. It is a decline when the peopel behind you are tapping on it constantly, especially the younger crowd.
4. -Yes the cabin crew used to smile, not anymore since a couple of months. We'll see if those were summer blues.
5. -You are right I apologise for this. The communication I got by email was not clear, it mentionned only about the automatic renewal, but to me the 5000 JGC renewal is also an automatic renewal. So I thought that this option had vanished and was furious about it. Shame that customer service didn't get back to me to correct me, as this lead me to dismiss JAL as a favorite flight option and I booked my next flights with AF and KLM.
I will put back JAL as my favorite flight option. They need to be clear when they communicate such things. The 5000 mile renewal option is important in my opinion, because this loyalty extends to much more than individuals. This is the reason me and my entire family choose JL over any other airline, and some of us influence bigger (government) accounts.
6. -It's been like that for years but a point deserving to be repeated until they get it. The main meal is usually good, it's the second meal that is not adequate.
8. -8 weeks is ridiculous, as is their lack of a 24 hour call centre in Tokyo. When London closes, I need to call the U.S. office and they give me half answers and can't take bookings.
9. -Thanks for letting me know. I would have preferred that the check-in staff in NRT would have mentionned it to me rather than having to read it on a forum. The QF lounge wasn't too bad.
10. -AY is still not on par with JL services but I was pleasantly surprised on their last flights, cabin crew were smiling, they stopped their annoying and pushy duty free ads and the A359 is growing on me even when compared to the 8Y B789's. Definitely a push in the right direction in terms of quality for AY.
1. Like I said, it may just happened that the toothbrushes all got used and were not replenished quickly enough. Other have presented data points where toothbrushes are still available in Economy lavatory, so it's not a you must request save $ move.
2. I still cannot understand the concept of a downgrade when controllers are phased out. I actually disliked the controllers cause it's very easy to press a call button when you don't need the FA or a sudden volume change. Maybe the best solution is to keep the controllers but mount them on the seat in front of you.

4. If you feel the cabin crew is not performing (whether smile or toothbrush) for your given flight, drop a complaint.
5. Enjoy your flight on AF/KLM. Do report back if you feel they are above and beyond JAL relative to price paid.
6. I agree the meal is not adequate, but it has always been like that. It's not a recent downgrade experience.

8. I agree 8 weeks are ridiculous and I have voiced my complaint to them, but that's also not a recent downgrade experience. I simply neglect the LAX office now and call Tokyo.
9. It's mentioned in front of the lounge with a big sign before you enter the lounge at Narita, along with the First Class relocation sign to 4th floor. I was also not informed about the First Class lounge change on my recent flight leaving Narita at check in, but it's not difficult to find with signs or ask at the lounge.
10. I believe JAL will also be using 35K in their international flights. Hopefully the seating are still the same layout.
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