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Originally Posted by zznoname View Post
That's how 46% of the time AA830, DFW-FLL, departing on Friday's plays out.

You drop a few grand on a sailing lessons, then tell me you'll board the Friday's, AA830 FLL, connecting flights, with a 50-50 chance (current, for the last 14 flights) of catching a 15.00, Saturday boat.

But, judging from the pass AA is getting in this thread, they have no worries, and zero fear of repercussions, for "leading people on", when unsuspecting passengers assume, AA830, DFW-FLL, on a Friday, will get them into FLL on Friday.

What in the world are you talking about now???
I think you've gone off the deep end, take a breath.
Nobody’s making false assumptions about DFW-FLL on Friday. That flight is not being cancelled. They’re getting to FLL on friday (ok well actually after midnight on Saturday for that last flight of the day.)

And there are FOUR flights on Saturday morning from DFW that get you to Miami before 1pm which is enough time to get to your school.

I don’t know why you’re talking about some 14 hour trip from DFW to FLL, that seems totally irrelevant.

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