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Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask the following question.

I will be making my first visit to the Maldives late May 2020 and I intend to use points (like most here I think) for a 5 night stay. I’ve had my eyes on Rangali for a few years but once I learned about this new property I have been glued to every post in this thread and also read everyone on the Rangali thread too.

So my question (unsurprisingly) is which resort should I choose?

I realise things will cost me a bit more here and I have that extortionate boat trip to pay for, so cost wise I think I’ll spend $5000 here as opposed to $3500 at Rangali. We love to Snorkel but are also quite activity focused so might look at a couple of excursions.

Overall, and especially after reading of some mixed reviews here I was 95% back in the Rangali camp. A potnetion $1500 cash saving and 100,000 points for starters. More my kind of dining (love the sound of beach BBQ’s) better vegetation and a trip on a place certainly floats my boat more than yacht!

But then, comparing when booking it dawned on me what a massive extra value I am getting from my points when staying here. For around a 25% increase in points spend I am getting a 300% increase in the value of the accommodation if I was to pay with cash.

I’d really be interested in anything else folk on this board think I should consider or find useful in making my decision.

I’d also be interested to know if you think my anticipated spend of $3500 or $5000 in sensible. I’d be thinking this would cover transfers, dinner for 4 or 5 evenings with wine and a few drinks through the day and an excursion or two.

I’m Hilton Diamond so will have a decent breakfast so will prob skip lunch. Are diamond benefits noticeably better at either resort?
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