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Originally Posted by gateH15 View Post

do you think they cater organic out of CDG? Taste the same to me both ways. Very unhealthy. Usually eat in the lounge if Iím in Y
This could devolve into a long conversation which is off-topic... my question was simply where the food comes from.

To answer your question, most definitely the food out of CDG is not organic. But I will sure as heck take non-organic European food over non-organic American food.

A few examples and I will leave it at that (watch Food Inc sometime...):

1) American beef is pumped up with rGBH hormones and a host of other carcinogenic substances which are banned by health organizations worldwide
2) American poultry is pumped up with antibiotics
3) There are almost 1000 pesticides/herbicides which are commonly used in the US and are banned worldwide

Most Americans don't know or care about this- it's simply my personal preference, just don't want to eat it...
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