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Originally Posted by spc354 View Post
It would be interesting to see what happens at the next recession, will the "loyal" high value flyers alone be able to see them through? Just my two cents worth!
The flyers that are most attracted to the best free stuff left DL a while back as DL didn't feel they needed them. But those are also the easiest people to "win" back as they aren't really loyal to an airline, they're just at the airline that values their loyalty the most. (Please note, that I do not feel that there is anything wrong with that strategy) To get many of those people back, they would only need to some combination of increase the number of RUC/GUC, increase the percentage of J seats available for upgrade, and lower the mileage cost on awards. They just don't need to do that right now, but if they feel the need to just put BIS it would be very easy.
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