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The crux of this seems to be many customers want multiple ways of accessing contact centre staff, but those staff are limited in number and can only work on a finite number of issues at a time. Does someone waiting on the phone have higher priority than someone waiting on webchat, or someone who agreed to be called back 30 to 40 minutes later which was now due? Do you split the support teams into GGL down to Blue and non-blue, but then that means some GGL may wait longer than some others, or if you don't, then some non-blue passengers may never get a call back or attention.

What we're seeing here is an event that BA's IT risk management team have said is rare enough not to warrant additional spend on a solution - or if they presented it to the main board as a risk, something the C-suite staff thought not worth spending the money on. Hopefully they will revisit this and weigh up the perceived loss of goodwill and business against the cost of implementing some changes. But regardless of what ever IT solution they come up with to sort out priority call answering, if they don't have enough contact centre staff to deal with the issue, there's not much point. Maybe this is where they train all BA Waterworld staff in the fine art of reservations and how to make changes.
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