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Have you looked at all the menus? They've already been posted. I've put links to all of them in the wiki. Like @alanslegal said
Originally Posted by alanslegal View Post
In my entire life I have never paid $60 for a standard pizza or $55 for a bowl of noodles anywhere in the world but for this resort it is baseline.
Pizzas, noodles, salads etc are the cheapest things at any location and it's no exception here. Apart from appetizers & side dishes, eggs are the cheapest thing on the menu. Only $35.72 each. A steal by Ithaafushi's standards. So your baseline is going to be at bare minimum, $40++ for anything substantial, i.e; not an appetizer, side or drink.

Oh, the only other option (which would be a little difficult to pull off) is this one courtesy of our resident out-of-the-(kids)-box thinker, @WorldTravl. @:-)^ JK!

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