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  1. BA is maximizing revenue. Except they're not. People who weren't willing to pay a $1000 fare difference to fly in Club are (very) unlikely to pay $1000 for an airport upgrade. This is born out by my view of the Club World cabin from the first row of WT+, as well as the comments that I've read in the AUP thread.
I donít think thatís necessarily two for two reasons.

First, there are many companies that require Y or W for all employees or all but C-suite. I wouldnít work for them but thatís neither here nor there. You have a not insignificant set of people that are therefore likely well paid, have demanding jobs, and a personal vested interest in being comfortable/getting some rest before getting to a meeting, etc. These people may be quite willing to pay $1K for a 9 hour overnight W to J upgrade. The fact they could have bought the upgrade for less at ticketing assumes (1) their corporate TA would have allowed them to do so and pay the difference and (2) they had the forethought or knowledge to think to look into it in the first place (remember, most of the worldís frequent fliers arenít nearly as obsessed and knowledgeable as the average FTer).

Second, people are human. Purchasing a ticket 90 days out, its easy to say, lets save money and fly Y or W. Faced with an imminent overnight flight in a cramped (Y) or at least largely upright seat (W), people may suddenly be willing to make the investment. Iíve seen it many times. Same with hotel upgrades, car rental upgrades, etc.
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