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BA spends a small fortune analyzing the data it has on who buys what and at what point in the process.

OP answers his own concern by stating that he chose not to purchase a CW ticket at the time of issue because it cost too much more than WTP/WT. But, "too much" and "not worth it" are subjective. Clearly BA believes that if OP does not see the value in spending an extra $1,000, that others will. It also knows that on occasion, some seats will go out empty or that it will overbook and wind up in an oversale situation and use those empty seats to avoid denying boarding.

But, the bottom line is that if one wants to be assured of sitting in CW, one must purchase a CW ticket. If one waits to upgrade and the upgrade costs more or is no longer available, one sits in steerage. That is the passenger's choice.
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