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Originally Posted by Tilly71 View Post
Looking for some advice on food costs, we want to pay minimum prices whilst there. So far we've seen pizza, the chicken & fries to share but can anyone who has stayed there on a budget offer some more ideas for budget dining. Thx
To be frank: you're looking in the wrong place. This resort has set a new standard for not-able-to-be-done-on-a-budget properties.....unless you do what some others do and take instant noodles and chocolate bars. Ugh.

Originally Posted by Kilian Zoll View Post
Yes, with all the amazing options in the Maldives it makes little sense to actually pay for a property like WA (or even Conrad for that matter, unless you find a very good rate) -- I bet most of the guests are either redemptions (on which they make money on transfers and F&B/other incidentals) of different kinds of package tours.
I agree. A cash stay here is only for those who don't know any better or have money to burn. Most of the people paying cash here are Arabs, celebs and mainland Chinese (see this review a few pages back where, as a good example of what's being offered on the mainland as far as package deals go, they paid about 17K*+ all up for 5 nights for a family of 4 in a single room). Note that the Chinese are now a much bigger piece of the pie for new resorts. They are much fewer in number at places that have already been open for a couple of years or more. Cash-paying Westerners will be few and far between.

You mentioned the Conrad. On the up side here they occasionally have specials from around $350++ in low season (around 50% off), normally with 30-35% off you're still only looking at about $450-500++ which, considering their BVs have recently been re-decorated, is pretty good value. I'm pretty sure that this isn't going to last much longer though, as they will surely be raising their rates after the OWVs on Rangali Island have been replaced early to mid 2020.

* if you take out the return air tickets to China
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