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Originally Posted by rvlcr View Post
thats what iíve been thinking all along. this is exactly what happens when you pump artificial sand in the middle of a natural lagoon to create a fake looking, man made island. itís not going to go well and just as we can see right here, the sand is not settling very well. if i weíre paying a cash rate of 2.000 for this resort i would be very peeved if this was then lagoon/beach i found outside my villa.

the beaches at the conrad, PHH, and W are MUCH MUCH nicer.

ive been to 6 resorts in the maldives and even cheap 4* ones come way way ahead than the waldorf when it comes to beach and lagoon beauty. which at the end of the day is why i fly 30+ hours across the world and is also why i will never ever visit the WA.
I know how you feel. It's surprising just how many folks wouldn't notice or know what to look for. Just one thing, though. I think you needed to use the other pic in your quote of @WorldTravl's post.
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