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OP here. Apologies for taking so long to come back to this thread. I would like to clarify my original post and respond to a few of the points made above.
  1. Do I feel entitled to an upgrade? Of course not! It's entirely up to BA how they choose to fill (or not) their premium cabins.
  2. Why didn't I simply buy Club World? Because it's not worth the approximately $1000 fare difference to me. (I don't generally sleep on Transatlantic flights; those who do may feel differently.)
  3. Why is the fare difference relevant? It's relevant because anyone who places that value on flying in CW, rather than WT+, will have presumably simply purchased Club World in the first place. I purchase 5 or 6 Transatlantic tickets per year on AA/BA, and it's been my experience that J/CW can generally be had for somewhere around $1000 above W/WT+ (one-way).
  4. BA is maximizing revenue. Except they're not. People who weren't willing to pay a $1000 fare difference to fly in Club are (very) unlikely to pay $1000 for an airport upgrade. This is born out by my view of the Club World cabin from the first row of WT+, as well as the comments that I've read in the AUP thread.
So there's my perspective. It's not that I feel somehow entitled to an upgrade; I'm just incredibly puzzled that BA appears to pricing their airport upgrades in a way that is almost guaranteed to generate very little incremental revenue. (Witness my free upgrade from WT+ to CW on my return LHR-DFW flight on Saturday.)

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