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Originally Posted by Guy Betsy View Post
So I found out that Hilton staff have their own Hilton Honours program. They get stay credits even on staff rates and get recognised as Gold or Diamond members too. I donít mind or care if they have this privilege. But I do mind when they can compete with full fare paying guests when getting upgrades.

i was a little peeved when I was staying at a property recently and when I checked in was told that no more suites are available. But a friend I know whoís a Hilton employee had a suite reserved for him tell me that itís also because hotels can not differentiate between members and employees until check in, after the room is assigned.

Donít think Hilton employees should get privileges over guests. What do you think?
There is no staff Hilton HHonors program. It's the same one as everyone else.

Staff have a chance to get Gold on four stays as a fast track. Diamond is the normal way.

Staff rates earn points and credit and for the lowest team prices the points are funded by corporate. For friends rates, they're billed to the hotel as usual.

All this is info is on the public FAQ.

It's a nonsense that hotels can't discriminate between staff and regular guests because they discriminate between regular guests all the time! . Credit card Diamonds, Diamonds who have never stayed at the property before vs regulars. Ideally the ranking of Diamond members should be using the same criteria as always; OnQ points value, best guest, specific VIP etc.

Because of this criteria its possible that a staff member has a higher rating than a regular guest like you.
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