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Originally Posted by belky15 View Post
Thanks to all for your responses. I also found a thread from last November that extensively talked about this issue with the same positive conclusion! Me being me, I know that I will still worry some but hopefully that will recede once in J with a good drink in hand!
As long as your first name is a Western name (eg. Robert, John, Jane, Mary, Fernando etc.), then you're fine.

It's only a problem if you have a two-part Asian first name (eg. KIM/JONG UN where "JONG UN" is considered your "given name") and you normally just go by "Jong" in the Western world and have your ticket issued as "KIM/JONG" as opposed to "KIM/JONG UN" and you are travelling to an Asian country. When travelling outside of Asia, it is not a problem as people won't understand the nuances of Asian names. However, when travelling in Asia, airport staff who are of Asian origin might consider your "given name" to be incomplete. This is akin to Westerners booking their ticket as "Rob" instead of "Robert".
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