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Originally Posted by Traveler Dave View Post
Half step forward (lowering the rate), two steps back (possible 90 minute wait)!

Some of the original selling feature for the yacht was the immediate transfer from the airport to the yacht with little to no wait. Not that I liked the old transfer rate, but would take that over a $50 buck discount and a possible 90 minute wait...that you know could creep to 120 minutes...FYI, the website still shows the old rate.


This is interesting. Was there previously any guidance from the resort about the expect wait for the yacht transfer? Has there now been a change in practice regarding how long they are having guests wait? Are they reducing the number of transfers per day and combining larger numbers of guests onto fewer transfers?

Our wait for the yacht on arrival was like 15 minutes. The concierge said something like "We don't combine guests from different flights, but then he simultaneously said 'We're just waiting on two people from another flight but it has already landed.'" So I took it to mean "We don't combine guests from different flights unless they land at about the same time."

So we waited 15 minutes and shared the yacht with one other party of two people. That made it feel spacious and "luxurious." And on the return transfer we left the resort 2 hours before our flight and didn't share the yacht with anyone and got to the airport a little more than an hour before our flights.

Have they reduced the price from $350 to $300 but now it's "We're going to have you wait up to 90 minutes so we can try to do fewer, less private yacht transfers each day with more guests on the yacht? Kind of like how minibuses in Africa "leave when full"?

And where are people expected to wait for these 90 minutes, since WA has no lounge at the airport?

When it's time to return to the airport, are they going to try to herd as many guests on as few transfers as possible, such that you may be asked to board the yacht 3.5-4 hours before your flight along with other guests whose flights leave in 2-2.5 hours, and thus you may end up waiting at the airport for 2.5-3 hours before your flight home?

Or maybe nothing has changed at all and they just lowered the price. I don't know.
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