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...and it was fine, more or less. Bag went on the scales, the check in agent printed a tag and attached it.... and then spent the next couple of minutes looking at her screen and tapping away. Then she called over a colleague. And then another... old tag comes off, new one gets printed... one of the colleagues gets out what looks like a checklist and starts tapping away...

Colleague number 4 comes over to have a look. Lots of conversation and gesticulating between them...

And then, after close to 10 minutes of this, passports and boarding passes back, 'have a nice flight' and we were on our way. So no idea what happened there...

I was actually quite relieved to see our bag heading to the plane while we were were waiting at the gate! And interestingly, despite being a totally full flight, they were not at all interested in checking in any of our other hand baggage (which I'm always happy to offer to do when we have other hold bags anyway)

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