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Originally Posted by oliver2002 View Post
Well look what product they offer now: for only 50GBP/p you can bypass the MAN experience!
Originally Posted by worldclubber View Post
If any airport needs that, it is MAN.

Unfortunately, LH is not listed as a partner.
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Helga hasn't signed up to that...

Only Adria and TAP for Star.
I bet all my money that in half a year that "premium" experience is full of hen parties and stag-do's.

When I was living in MAN, my impression was that the biggest problem is that as the airport is a pay-per-everthing, and (amazingly) people is willing to pay, so everything was way over capacity. When I flew LH in J, there were more paying customers in the Lounge that people accessing through a J / Y+status ticket. And that "premium" terminal will be no difference...
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