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Originally Posted by Vasco Pridat View Post
I bought a CE ticket from gatwick to Rome.. First time for years from gatwick and I was totally impressed by the f lounge.. It was kinda busy when I got there at one.. But cleared by 2 and they had amazing food.. The paté was impressive.. Crayfish salad Ver nice.. Jepeer rose. A good way to start a journey.. On an a319.. Probably pretty old.. Most legroom ever in 1c..very friendly and attentive staff.. But.. Either there was no curtain. Or they didn't close it.
So people from y came up front to use the loo.. People were standing next to me waiting? I didn't like that traffic to much.. I didn't say anything.. But last week on AA had the same and thought it was an American thing..? What do u think?
I thought the front wc is for club?
Hiya Vasco

If you have to ask am I DYKWIA, then the chances are that you are not. Indeed, if you conducted yourself as you say, then indeed you are practically the antithesis of this.

You do get flights where where there is a constant stream of people to the lavatory in CE. When you are sitting up the front, it is hard to know whether people have come through the cabin. Not having any kind of curtain makes this harder to control and indeed, you can and should tell the crew that having people standing right beside you is intensely irritation I would. The worst are those ex-Wizzair A 320s which have no front bulkhead. People congregate there, and Ive asked for the crew to deal with this before now if I’m in 1C. This is not DYKWIA but fortunately whilst respecting others and indeed thappy to be affable to my fellow passengers ; their opinions of me are, unless they are paying my fare, irrelevant.
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