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Originally Posted by sunshinebob View Post
Yes its annoying , especially after a long haul and I am trying to get some sleep only to be bothered with queues (and kids) for what seems like the entire flight home. I sit in 1c as my wife is in 1a.

I understand people need to pee but Iberia actively send Y passengers away and wont suffer it under any circumstance so it is doable. Y passengers dont come in the lounge to use the lavatories so why is it so much harder to divide things at 30,000 feet?

This may sound overly grumpy but sometimes a man just needs a kip and some peace n quiet. I dont want pepper bleeding pig blearing on a tablet and streams of people informing each other that " this is how the other half live " whilst standing next to me chatting about thier holiday in Marbs.....
Not saying you should have to, I can see reasons to enforce CE toilet exclusivity and reasons not to, but playing devils advocate, if it bothers you, why not take 3A and 3C?
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