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Choice Benefit - Elite Night Question

Hi, I have a question about the EQNs that you get as a choice benefit at 50 and 75 nights. Right now I'm at 45-ish nights and I have trips planned that require about 25 more nights between now and the end of the year - which would get me to around 70 nights. Can I use my choice benefit at 50 nights to choose 5 additional EQNs, and then hit 75? Or do the EQNs only apply to next year's qualification?

If they apply to next year, could I do the following:
-choice benefit 5 nights + credit card 15 nights = start the year at 20 nights?

[Edited to add: also, is there that much difference between Platinum (50) and Platinum Premier (75)? Because if not maybe I should do a Hyatt Globalist challenge and put the nights toward that instead?]
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