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Originally Posted by bags984 View Post
I booked a flight through aeroplan (stopovers) including travel on turkish, swiss, and a small economy flight on lufthansa.

Ord to Ist in Turkish Business
Ist to Muc in Turkish Business
Muc to Lax in Swiss Business from Zrh to Lax and econ. from muc to zrh.

For some reason, the turkish pnr doesn't show swiss/lufthansa segments and the Swiss/Lufthansa websites don't show only one leg of the turkish itinerary. I contacted Swiss and they said that the flight from ord to ist is on the ticket but not on the reservation...

Is this something to be concerned about? Does it matter? Have any of you experienced this?
it should be normal. for example on turkish site, it will show probably your turkish flights and the flight just before your first turkish flight. it often happens when you have multi carriers that use different reservation system. usually the plating carrier's website (your case, Air Canada 014-xxxxxxxx) should show all your flights. go to saudia as other suggest, you should see all flights.

if flights are showed on saudia and each airline's flights are shown on their respective website. there should be nothing to worry about. or if you are really insecure, call individual airline and ask if their flights are ticketed properly.
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