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Originally Posted by dhammer53 View Post
I had another thought about a theme, and welcome discussion.

New York wines.

New York State has 2 wine regions. The most well known is the Finger Lakes, located in central NY. Lots of local producers making a variety of white and some reds. Most of the whites are riesling variations, from dry to sweet and everything in between. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger_Lakes_AVA

The Long Island wine region (mostly the north shore of LI) is also known for whites and some reds. https://www.newyorkwines.org/wine-regions/long-island and https://www.forbes.com/sites/courtne.../#35998967434f

I realize that many New York wines may not be available where you live. That said, you can pick up a bottle when you arrive in NYC, as we have plenty of wine shops where you can purchase NY wines. To keep it simple, wines should be start at $25.00 (exception for 2020) and go up to whatever you want to bring. As usual, Champagne and sweet after dinner wines are welcome.

We've never done a tasting of local wines. Maybe this idea can work.

Likely extremely educational for most, supports the state economy, and there may be some gems coming out of the Finger Lakes.
Love the idea.
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