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Originally Posted by jrl767 View Post
Back in 1982, twin engine jets were not widely used on long predominantly over-water flights. Indeed, from the east coast of the United States, only one airline operated 737 flights to destinations in the Caribbean over 1000 miles away. Identify that airline, the U.S. gateway airport from which its 737 flights departed and the two Caribbean destinations so served.
HINT: It's a foreign airline
Per jrl767: I know that, in the Caravelle days in the 1970s, the Air France “island-hopper” made stops at Port-au-Prince (PTP), San Juan (SJU), and St Martin (SXM) between MIA and PTP; I suspect that the route didn’t change too much in the ensuing 10 years. As far as service to the capital city of a small country in northeastern South America by the national airline, let’s try Guyana Airways to Georgetown (GEO), with non-daily stops as previously guessed (POS and BGI)

Per Toshbaf: Great answer! But I will disagree and go with a modified answer of Guyana Airways, Georgetown - Miami, via (depending on the flight) Paramaribo and Port of Spain

Way to wade in and tackle this one, guys! jrl767 is correct however with Port of Spain and Barbados being the two 1000 mile plus Caribbean destinations served from a U.S. gateway. The schedules are provided below. The flights continued on to Georgetown but because my source was a domestic OAG, I am unable to provide the BGI/POS portion of the schedules.

Guyana Airways GY 707 Miami (MIA) 300p-630p Barbados (BGI) 737-200 Friday 1610 miles
Guyana Airways GY 707 Miami (MIA) 300p-630p Port of Spain (POS) 737-200 Sunday 1620 miles
Guyana Airways GY 707 Miami (MIA) 705p-1035p Port of Spain (POS) 737-200 Wednesday 1620 miles
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