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Sad to say, but at the rate of what I saw alone at just one deserted island, these beautiful beaches will be destroyed before 10 years. I mean, here even on Faarufushi island, I was picking up bits of plastic here and there of various origins (consumer, industrial, etc.). And it seems they use a hell of a lot of plastic netting and miscellaneous polymers to hold down rocks and breaker barriers and other concrete objects in the water I can't identify. I guess the tidal erosion is so strong here that they have to use something. In fact, I can't see the rooms holding up in this hotel I'm at for another 3 years due to water coming within 2 meters of the bungalow pools in a hotel that is only 5 months old. They were even sand-bagging the bar gazebo because the tidal waves were actually about to pull out the base of the pizza oven and gazebo. Bad planning or normal errosion, I don't know.

For those of you who know the Maldives, is upselling a common tactic here?
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