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Originally Posted by Steve M View Post
I think the issue is that if the parents thought it was not acceptable to have their kids run free-range in the lounge, they would have already put a stop to it. So, to approach a parent and ask that they put their children under control is to ask the parent to have their kids stop doing something that the parent thinks is entirely appropriate, if not entitled to do so as admitted guests in the lounge.
Nothing against well behaved kids or adults for that matter, but imho (I might be wrong) Centurion Lounges are geared towards business travelers, many airport lounges have kids zones, and parents should make sure they stay in that area for the comfort and convenience of everyone else, sadly, many times they really donít give a damn. Some of the best airports in the world have kids zones in public areas, which are great, as kids would have a place to spend their energy before they fly, and not running amok in a confined airplane cabin without being able to move for x hrs.

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