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Originally Posted by Cloudship View Post
I just realized that the Pebble beach Concourse D'elegance is this upcoming weekend. Of course you can't find a place to stay within 40 miles for under $400 and that is at these dumpy motels!

I have always wanted to go, how reasonable is it to do it as a day trip from say San Jose? I don't know how long a drive it is, how crowded it is, or how much time you need to devote to it.
I have no experience with this event. However I can tell you that the drive from San Jose to Monterey is about 90 minutes to two hours each direction with no traffic, but can be significantly longer with traffic...and there is almost always some traffic. I would budget 2 hours for the drive each way and you may find it would take less. You should also anticipate that parking will be a CF, and you will have to ride a shuttle bus from a remote parking location out near Hwy 1 to get to the event which would add another 30-60' depending on how well coordinated (or not) that whole situation is.
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