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Originally Posted by Kilian Zoll View Post
Reading some of the bizarre accounts in this thread we are strongly considering to cancel our stay. It is in April next year so we won't touch it for now -- hopefully these issues will be ironed out over the next six months or so. And perhaps they'll lower the insane transfer cost by then as well...
I have read all, and posted many, on this thread. The only real “bizarre accounts” mentioned are the obvious money grab from the WA boat transfer, masked as a “privacy concern”. And the other being the privacy concerns (from people who have never stayed there) between the suites due low foliage growth.

The later will work itself out shortly (though our room already had ample cover. Too much for me). If someone can’t get over the extortionist requirement of the former, simply don’t go. But if you can, go, and you will have an amazing time.

Just my opinion for anyone reading this thread who is considering going/not going to the WA Maldives...in a nut shell....

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