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Originally Posted by Gig103 View Post
"breeding out of existence" doesn't make sense. If you are breeding the dog, the offspring still has some pit bull still in it. What it sounds like is you want is to euthanize them all, so just say that.

As for ESA vs Service, it's fine with me if the law protects a service animal and not an Esa. The law already protects service animals from discrimination in housing. I don't care what breed is trained to perform a specific set of tasks.

Interestingly enough, I had not heard of pit breeds as service animals but apparently they are sometimes well suited to it. And if one passes the rigors of the training, I wouldn't worry about it.

Service dog certifications is a ridiculous business that exists to sell people an “identification card” for $39 — but the paper certificate costs $32.99 extra. It is meaningless and of course they want every type of dog registered — more money for them.

I could probably register the dog as a service dog that killed its owner a few months ago with this organisation. ‘

One can stop breeding by sterilisation. There are breeds that no longer exist.

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