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Originally Posted by SeaHawg View Post
Service Animal, ESA, or whatever- They (a pit breed) should be bonded/insured and the owner should have to sign an unlimited liability waiver before their BP is scanned.

I know this sucks for legitimate service animals, but there had to be some form of deterrent that dissuades people from bringing a known vicious breed on board an aircraft with 100+ passengers.

Agree on breeding pits out of existence- They are nothing but trouble and a huge liability concern. There is nothing a pit is capable of being/doing for their owner that a more docile breed cannot do at far less risk. Flame away indeed...
"breeding out of existence" doesn't make sense. If you are breeding the dog, the offspring still has some pit bull still in it. What it sounds like is you want is to euthanize them all, so just say that.

As for ESA vs Service, it's fine with me if the law protects a service animal and not an Esa. The law already protects service animals from discrimination in housing. I don't care what breed is trained to perform a specific set of tasks.

Interestingly enough, I had not heard of pit breeds as service animals but apparently they are sometimes well suited to it. And if one passes the rigors of the training, I wouldn't worry about it.

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