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Originally Posted by peaches070 View Post
EQM: 1090
Award miles, base: 620
Award miles bonus: 372

I understand the EQM , but how was the bonus award miles calculated? V fares get only 50% so where does the 620 come from? And how do they calculate the 372? I have platinum status so Iím not sure where the 40% bonus is coming from.
How many EQDs did you earn for this flight? Award miles are based on EQD earning along with your status. PLAT earns 8 mi/EQD, and AA always calculates the base as 5 mi/EQD (what is earned if you have no status) and the rest as bonus. My guess is that you earned 124 EQDs. 5x124 =620, 3x124=372.

you donít get any more miles - EQM or award miles - if the fare class changes based on an upgrade.
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