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Originally Posted by giorginho View Post
...{snip}...I remember reading something similar about strikes every now and then and I think crowded airspace has been "blamed" again for causing delays in the past.
Strikes? By whom? What for? Against whom? There are delays in the airspace over Europe, and especially Greece, every single summer I can remember. Whether these are due to Eurocontrol or Greek ATC I have no idea, but I have not heard anything about strikes (yet ).

INFO ADDED LATER: OK, after about an hour of searching, here's the bottom line: air controllers at ATH have decided to not handle more than 23 flights landing per hour from 11:20 am till 19:00 pm. Eurocontrol has been informed of this decision and has issued a "warning". All airlines are affected, but since ATH is the major hub for A3, its planes scheduled to be used for late flights will have already accumulated additional delays from earlier on during the day. This whole thing started soon after the center-right ND party won the general elections a few weeks ago. I will obviously not add any comments of mine as to any reasons for the "go slow" other than saying that the air controllers suggest that the number of personnel should be increased. By the way, flights to/from islands are also affected but, with the exception of those from/to ATH, to a much smaller degree.

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