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Most horrible experience HAMPTON - compensation?

I will make it as short as possible, I am a Diamond Member and today I stayed in one recently constructed Hilton owned Brand hotels in Europe (Queen Room - one bed)
At night around 4:00am I wake up and realize somebody is touching me, not purposely but more accidentally.
I turn around and there is another guy sleeping in the bed next to me. I immediately jump up, turn the light on and ask the guy ... he is doing in my room. The guy is obviously drunk or high on some stuff. I go to reception and they help me get him out. Turns out his room is across mine. Everybody is dumbfounded except the guy, he thinks its his room. A further very disturbing fact is that this guy has only his underpants on and nothing else, he didnt have any stuff/phone/closes with him in my room. This happened because the door mechanism didnt work correctly. The door shuts with enough force that everybody would assume it is closed, as opposite to a very slow closing door. Fact is the door lock was placed wrongly so that in order to really close the door you would have to punch it. In the morning they offered their apologies, but nothing else. I asked for some kind of compensation, they will discuss it with the manager and get back to me. What would be a fair compensation for that? I am really unsure how I feel about what would make me feel really compensated for that experience, I am somewhere between 100k Points and two weeks paid vacation at a Maldives Hilton Conrad.

All feedback on this is highly appreciated.

Edit: I feel like I should stress the fact that this is a newly constructed hotel and that the hotel employees accepted that the door is malfunctioning and they assured me that they called maintenance to have all doors checked.

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