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Originally Posted by BadoRas View Post
I have been platinum for 4 years now, and since that time, I haven't had one email offer for the times I wasn't flying F. They must think I'm captive and will upgrade with cash (which I never do). There's a strong feeling that Emirates take platinums for granted and consider it's better to give blues, silvers or golds the opportunity to experience an upgrade to J or F and hopefully hook them into paying for it in future, thereby increasing the number of premium fares sold. A good business model, but it doesn't reward loyalty. Emirates don't do that well, as even platinum is not valued by them much.

And after a while it starts to pall somewhat. I know Emirates don't give a toss if they lose people like myself, but I'm sure there are plenty of platinums who continue to vote with their feet. Emirates needs to hold onto loyal customers more positively because in the bad times, frequent flyers (and everyone else) look for genuinely more competitive fares, then swap loyalty and don't return. It's never a good idea to take any group of people for granted.
I don't think the upgrade offers (from Y-J) depend on status/how much you travel etc. I rarely receive an email advertising the offer, but the offers from Y-J always appear at OLCI if the P fare bucket shows availability (although that function does not seem to be working on EF at the moment).

I have never received a J-F offer.
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