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Flexitime questions

Hi, I read the fare conditions for Air New Zealand domestic "flexitime" fares, but I was hoping that someone might be able to clarify this statement " On day of departure: can change to earlier or later flight on same day, same route"

My specific questions are about what defines "same route". In particular,

1) Is a nonstop from A->C considered the same route as a connecting flight A->B->C?
2) Does operating carrier matter for purposes of same route (e.g., the nonstop flights I am looking at are listed as "Air New Zealand Link Service operated by Air Nelson" and the connecting flights have one Air Nelson operated segment and one Air New Zealand mainline segment?

I would like to book the less expensive connecting flight and change it that day to a nonstop flight that leaves around the same time if available,but if that is not a possibility, I will book the "seat and bag" fare.

Thanks for any feedback!
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