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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
But 10 minutes over the limit with "I was delayed 4 hours so they rebooked me" as an explanation should be sufficient.
Couldn't you search for Air Canada SFO YYZ?

Anyway I get your point about the 10 minutes, but on the other hand she did give you an exception to the 3 hour rule -- I don't see anything in the terms that says "if your flight was delayed, you can stay longer" -- so she was at least willing to go that far.

I'm really not sure what would alleviate overcrowding at this point. Maybe a 1 guest rule would help, I have no idea. I don't think anyone really knows for sure. However, quite frankly for me, I have the Amex Plat largely because it gives me lounge access I can't get with my CSR, and even if the lounge access is overcrowded it's better than nothing. I love the Escape lounge in Oakland for instance. That plus purchase protection that even covers loss (not only theft), Global Assist including medevac service, and the concierge (which has worked for me to get sold out reservations)... seems to me to be well worth the $50 it costs me a year.

My main problem with the Amex Platinum is they don't give me many reasons to put any spend on the card. I have a CSR and 1x points per dollar just isn't good enough to justify putting most spend on the Amex. I end up putting everything on my Chase trifecta (CSR, FU, and F bonus categories). Like Ask Sebby, however, I DO put big ticket items on it for the purchase/loss protection and return protection. Right now I'm putting Amazon on it because they're doing a promotional offer. But otherwise, I just keep the thing for lounge access and Global Assist and the concierge.
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