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Originally Posted by narvik View Post
Specifically curious is this excerpt: "... United is asking its employees to understand a customerís predicament before making accusations of hidden-city ticketing. ďAsk questions and understand the customerís situation,Ē the memo said."

How is a GA going to even make an accusation, if the pax never turns up for the flight?

And what exactly is an "airport agent" the article refers to? (This thread's title uses "gate agent", the linked article does not.)
I believe this is specifically referring to people who go to an agent -- presumably a gate agent, but possibly also a customer service or baggage service agent -- and ask for their bags to be offloaded at a connection point due to whatever situation has come up.

The article also states that the airline "has to" reunite the passenger with their bags, if the bags have flown on and the customer has not, by flying the bag back at the airline's own expense. I don't believe that for a moment.
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