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Timing of clearing of UA upgrades--one domestic one international

Hi everyone,

Hope this email finds you well--not sure where exactly to post this and didn't find answers in the forums--apologies if these are widely known phenomena.
I have a question regarding how soon folks have gotten upgraded with 1) miles only (domestic) and 2) miles plus $$ (to polaris on international flight).
i am a premier platinum (i know, not that important in united's eyes) flying from IAD to SFO in a little more than 24 hrs, and as of right now i am still awaiting upgrade even though there are 6 (six) open seats available on the 777. the PN is 0 for that flight--so i am unclear as to when united will actually release the seats, and wanted to get the expert community's opinion.
the second flight is in about 48 hrs from SFO to HKG--for that one i did a combo of miles (for premium econ) and miles +$$ (for polaris)--and there, i am still waiting for the upgrade. there are 5 (five) polaris and 5 (five) premium econ (the purple seats) still open.

i guess my question to the community is when do these upgrades clear? i would have thought that for sure the domestic one i would have gotten one of the 6 available spots, especially close to 24 hours before departure. is it possible that united will NOT upgrade me at all but instead give the seats to other upgraded folks (who did not pay with miles or $), if the seats aren't sold?

many thanks for your time and your experiences!

best wishes
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