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Welcome to FlyerTalk diversmanchester, no doubt one of the friendly ambassadors will be along shortly with the formal welcome. And just in case you are not aware, you are limited to just 5 posts in your first 24 hours of posting, which can catch people out.

As KARFA has posted, both 53A/B are blocked at the moment on the BA32 tonight. There could be reasons for that (including your own status creating a Theoretical Seating block from your 52A seat) but it could also, as suggested, be due to defective seat(s). Perhaps one of the BA staffers has more 'insider information' here? If 53B does stay empty, at least you will have aisle access without a stepover.

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss the phone agents explanation as "BS", though it certainly sounds like it could have been far better phrased. If < T-24, then the seating is under airport control I believe, so they may have just made a clumsy phrasing of indicating that 53A is blocked on this flight for reasons which are yet unknown.

Lastly, I'm actually seeing 3 free seats in F, and availability of F3 J5 W9 Y9, so it doesn't look like it will be full. I wonder if Cymro has accidentally looked at the LHR-HKG flight on the 31st where the numbers match what they have posted, but as I understand it, you are in HKG at the moment departing for LHR at 23.10 local.

(And I see while I wrote all that stuff PETER01 has beaten me to the punch. Must type faster )
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