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Originally Posted by aeropix View Post
The system is extremely buggy, or restricted lately...

1/ There is a long standing blocking of sending photos over Apple iMessage, but they allow photos on WhatsApp and Email, so I can't understand the rationale for blocking pictures over iMessage specifically (and apparently blocking posting to this forum;-))... I've sent complaints but never got a response.

2/ Since the latest update, the Apple E-mail client is Blocked as well! If you have an apple device you cannot send or receive mail through the built in client, you will get a very small message at the bottom of the screen saying that your account encountered errors. You then have to check your mail using a web-client. Again I don't know the rationale for this blockage, and hope it is a bug. However see nr. 1 above that "bug" has been there since many years and over numerous firmware upgrades so it may be EK that is blocking these items on Apple phones.

I hope somebody would have better luck contacting EK to fix these issues. They are kind of granular so I thought I'd point it out in case others are having the same frustrations.
Is iMessage one of the displayed icons? Perhaps something to do with how those apps encrypt their data. Perhaps EK cant distinguish between a VoIP call and a text or image on those apps so they block outright
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