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Originally Posted by irishguy28 View Post
This is the reason such claims agencies exist.

You decided you weren't satisfied with the denial, but you weren't prepared to keep hammering away at AF to secure your rights. So, you turned it over to a claims agency, who deduct a percentage of the payout because they don't do this out of the altruistic goodness of their hearts.

The airlines know that most lay-people will not go as far as getting a lawyer involved to secure the compensation - because the costs simply dwarf the amount being fought over.

But they know a claims agency has the ability, time, determination and means to get lawyers involved - so, when a customer turns a case over to them, they often pay up if their case is indefensible.

Not sure why you think you "lost" anything - the agencies take their cut, which based on your figure works out at 25% and sounds right.
Not sure why, if such conditions are actually prevalent, airlines themselves aren't silent partners in claims agencies. Stonewall the individual complainant, claw back a portion of the eventual payout.
Are we sure they're not?
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