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Originally Posted by RangerNS View Post
monitored by only minimum wage teenagers..
and this point of view presumes AC working with CBSA to meet their long-standing MOU obligations would rely on single point of potential failure - definitely NOT the case.

Rather, The CCA was long in the making that involves multiple layers of defense. So in this case once CBSA finds out that domestic passengers have been dumped into the inspection hall, then CBSA can demand from AC the manifest for that flight and can later interdict passengers within the expanded CCA authority. Whether they do this or not is an operational decision, but the legislation provides for such discretionary enforcement action.

and if you donít like this complain to your MP to get CCA removed, although expect heavy AC opposition as AC could otherwise face massive fines for breaching sterility of controlled areas by letting in domestic pax.

the solutions employed by CBSA with active AC cooperation far exceed what is evident in the airport to passengers.
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