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Originally Posted by canadiancow View Post
Obviously the US is different, but I was searched flying BOS-YHZ by CBP in BOS. I was "in the US" in the sense that you can't be in a US airport departures area without having cleared US immigration, but they certainly felt like they had the authority to check me out, and I certainly wasn't going to say no..
US & Cdn Immigration/Customs laws are similar that they say can intervene with persons entering or departing. Why, because of export control laws - so CBP/CBSA can inspect for outbound contraband- and for those bringing their technology - your purchase agreement will specify what is illegal to export to foreign countries- like anything that can be converted for military purposes taken into hostile territory.

and with regard to this AC incident, CBSA needs to be on the watch for conspiracy by AC staff who purposely redirects passengers to CBSA who might then mix with foreign ORIGIN passengers, where a document or contraband can be switched, with the domestic party now in possession of un-inspected goods and claiming they arrived from domestic origin so they should be just waived through.

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