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Originally Posted by skybluesea View Post

i provided the link to the CCA policy and if you read carefully Parliament did make anyone, let me repeat, anyone in the CCA subject to CBSA intervention - whether this will withstand a Charter challenge yet to be tested.

And the CCA area can extend well beyond the exit to the Customs Hall - for which AC benefits with that great through bag check to domestic we have at YYZ for example. In practice, CBSA now has the authority even in domestic areas should they discover after initial inspection something is amiss.

and back to Thread, absolutely CBSA can intervene if AC drops you into Customs area - in practice they don’t, but if your on domestic flight carrying narcotic contraband and the CBSA dog sniffs you out, you will be detained until local police are called to deal with a domestic crime.
Obviously the US is different, but I was searched flying BOS-YHZ by CBP in BOS. I was "in the US" in the sense that you can't be in a US airport departures area without having cleared US immigration, but they certainly felt like they had the authority to check me out, and I certainly wasn't going to say no.

Originally Posted by D582 View Post
On domestic flights you are always dumped back into the gate area of the terminal. How come no one noticed that you were going somewhere different?
I don't remember which gate it is at SFO (101?), but you always pass a sign that says "US Customs Inspection Area" (or something like that), with an arrow pointing in the direction you're walking, whenever you arrive from Canada.

And every time, I get a little nervous, and start paying more attention to things until I inevitably walk out in the gate area.

In YYZ/YVR, I know that if I end up on an escalator up, I'm going the wrong way. But with how the swing gates work, I'm not sure I'd notice at another airport I'm less familiar with. Or at least until it's too late.

Originally Posted by ffsim View Post
Swing gates often involve a right turn here, a left turn there, and maybe an escalator or two thrown in for good measure. I suspect only travellers with the most intimate familiarity of a particular gate would immediately know if they’re being led the wrong way; generally, people just follow the crowd and / or the directions of airport / airline staff.
Exactly. As I said, I get tripped up in SFO somewhat regularly, and I fly into here at LEAST once a year. I just assume they have the right doors open, and keep walking.
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