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Originally Posted by bobhope2 View Post
Did they unilaterally offer you compensation or did you fill out their claim form? I have never received EU compensation for any of the dozen or so cancelled/delayed flights.

Also, as Sen, I am afraid of going down the legal route in case of some kind of backlash. Do you know if that has ever happened to anybody?
I filled out the claim form and this is when they offered the compensation.

I am also aware that as a SEN this might limit the future scope of my relationship with LX, not that I am so interested to continue flying with them again at this point in time. Several years ago after mistreatment by British Airways, I voluntarily stopped flying with them and I have not missed a beat. LX/LH would be a bit more challenging to avoid however but I can always use Aeroplan for the odd LX/LH flight.

I was mostly wondering if people have used other options successfully besides legal avenues, for example pressure via messages on social media to outline the details of what happened. Or will they stonewall me just as well.
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