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I had another stay here at this property recently. There are some changes from my last stay, mainly
- the breakfast room has been slightly rearranged. They have now an area reserved for Hilton Honors members (from basic to Diamond) - this is quite similar to what the Hilton Petaling Jaya does. The reason for this I believe is because the hotel is now also taking in quite a number of tourist groups, so to ensure tables are available for non-group guests, they have made such a setup. On days when there are large groups, they will reserve in this section your table via your room number. This ia quite a positive step
- the attached mall/department store and food court area is permanently closed. Not sure what will come next.
- breakfast offerings seems to have somewhat been reduced in choices - especially now when they serve the 'nasi lemak' dish - there's no chicken curry with it. There was a morning that there was a guests also complaining loudly about the missing boiled eggs - accusing the hotel of hidding them from preventing people from taking them. I have no idea what the background is or what happened next - but indeed when I tried to get some to accompany my nasi lemak - there was none.
- noticed this time around that later in the afternoon, they have some fingerfood and cold sweet drinks available close to the front desk. Never really noticed this in my last couple of stays

Other than that - still a solid hotel especially from value point of view and staff are still friendly. Although there used to be a staff, Kevin, that was really friendly did not see him during my duration - not sure if he left the hotel or on vacation/days off. However plenty of the other staff there whom are still outstanding.

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