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On June 29th (Saturday) I had an early afternoon flight from DCA to IAH. The flight was boarded and ready to go when the gate agent came on and said we were overweight for the weather conditions. 20 people needed to deplane before the flight could leave. When they got to a final offer of $2,500 + meal vouchers, + hotel if necessary I decided I would be happy to kill some more time in the UC at Reagan. I got to Houston 8 hours later than my original schedule.

That was a costly flight and day for United! While I was waiting to be reticketed I heard lots of gate announcements asking for volunteers to give up their seats, but most of the amounts were $1,000-$1,500 with some less than $1,000. Iím still in disbelief that we were fully boarded and ready for departure before they realized they needed 20 of the 76 passengers to deplane.

i wish my husband had been with me!
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