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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post

$1800 seems a clear winner, if you’re sure the hotel deals are stackable. Wouldn’t you also get Marriott points for the hotels.com booking if you use their credit card?
Yessir, it says the 10% cash back is for both rewards and non rewards members. It only lasts for 6 more days, so I'm trying to book all 3 hotel stays (2 of which are in September and 1 in October) before then lol.

Just wanted to make sure my math was right. I guess it hinges on the 1.5cpp valuation for AMEX MR points.

Which card are you referring to? The Marriott AMEX/Chase cards?

I need to put it on the AMEX Business Platinum card because I'm working on the 100K/$10K signup offer for it.
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