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Same here - called yesterday to make a booking and was routed to a new agent (not the concierge) who gave me the rates off of the thankyou.com page. One annoying bit is that everything is prepaid now - even rates that are cancellable / refundable (as this one was). She also gave me incorrect information by stating that this would count against my 2 4th night free stays for the year (thought that didnít start until bookings made after September) - even if so this is a $600 / night stay so a good one to use against the limit of two. The one good thing is that under the new system since it is prepaid the rebate is immediate (essentially itís just a discounted rate since you donít pay the extra and then get it rebated). Considering the last few Iíve booked have taken 3 months or so thatís a good thing I suppose. Either way the rate was a few dollars less than what was on the hotel website, somehow.

One oddity - In the confirmation email it says that the hotel may not have complete booking details of my itinerary until 24 hours in advance of our travel. So, does this mean there is no way for me to confirm our reservation with the hotel directly? Given Iíve had a few problems with bookings made via the concierge getting lost in the past thatís a bit disquieting.
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