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Originally Posted by WHBM View Post

.... Meanwhile, looking for an Apollo 11 link, my mother came from a very rural small town where a teenage schooldays near-neighbour and apparent regular date was same-age Clarke (surnames again), much later better known as Arthur C Clarke, sci-fi space travel writer par excellence, 1940s fantasiser of GPS satellites, scriptwriter of the "2001" movie, and in the CBS coverage of the moon landing 50 years ago held things down jointly with Walter Cronkite. Maybe you recall him from there.
Earlier this evening, viewed a very interesting re-broadcast on C-SPAN of live news coverage back on July 24, 1969. C-SPAN, by the way, is a U.S. cable and television network created back in 1979 by the cable TV industry as a non-profit public service. They cover a lot of the government activities in Washington D.C. in addition to other public service programming.

The coverage in question was a CBS News live report hosted by Walter Cronkite concerning the recovery of the Apollo 11 crew and capsule by the USS Hornet in the Pacific Ocean (where the astronauts were greeted in person by President Richard M. Nixon). Joining Mr. Cronkite on the CBS News set for the live coverage were Arthur C. Clarke as well as Astronaut Wally Schirra.

Great to see and hear Uncle Walter again, not to mention Mr. Clarke and Mr. Schirra.
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