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Chase Sapphire UR Reward Points Automatically Linked to Amazon

Chase and Amazon mutually decided that it was ok to share my Ultimate Rewards points info without my permission. I'm irked. It is one thing to offer customers the option; it is something else entirely to hook it up and require the customer to go in and un-hook it if it is not wanted. Amazon is a rather terrible use of UR points, imo. Given that family members have accidentally used Amazon points (which are legitimately shared between Chase and Amazon) I really don't want a large bucket of UR points there for the accidental swiping.

This was the email Chase sent:

Thank you for being a valued Amazon.com and Chase customer. We’re pleased to let you know that you now have the option to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards Points for eligible purchases while shopping at Amazon.com.

Why am I receiving this email?

Amazon and Chase have worked together to make your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points eligible for Shop with Points at Amazon.com and give you the option to use these Points while shopping.

How do I use points for an order?

At Checkout, you can choose to use your available Chase Ultimate Rewards Points as the payment method for your eligible Amazon.com orders. If you don’t see Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, click the “Change” button in the “Payment Method” box. Chase shares your Points balance with Amazon so you can decide whether or not to use your Points for any eligible order.

When using Points you also have the ability to apply as many or as few Ultimate Rewards Points as you want. Points applied to your order will be displayed in the “Order Summary” below the “Place Your Order” button. If you don’t have enough Ultimate Rewards Points to cover your entire order, the remaining balance will be charged to your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points card or any Amazon.com Gift Cards you choose to use.

What if I no longer want to use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Shop with Points at Amazon?

You may un-enroll your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points from the Shop with Points program by visiting your
Shop with Points Account page Shop with Points Account page
. By un-enrolling, you will no longer have the option to use Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to shop at Amazon.com. Chase will no longer share your Points balance with Amazon and you will not be able to check your available Points balance at Amazon.com.
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